The PC I used to test the scanner was my venerable old MHz Pentium II machine, so you could expect greatly reduced processing times on more recent, faster computers. The door at the front of the scanner can be pulled right down to allow the optional APS film adapter to be installed. I did have to do a little research but it works fine on Debian Jessie Read full review. It’s a bit slow, but for slides with alot of dark shadow detail, it can’t be beat see canon photo. Saves all image correction settings as a “job. If you want to scan 35mm negatives or slides for personal use, get it. While I found Minolta’s Dust Brush software feature somewhat less effective than Digital ICE in eliminating dust and emulsion defects, the overall package is really an astonishing bargain for a fast, capable film scanner.

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Often though, making large moves in the tone curves can adversely affect the color saturation in an image.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Scanner | eBay

Verdict Considering the price of this scanner, we didn’t have all that great expectations. Loads dimzge previously saved image correction settings files, and applies corrections to the selected image. In either case, launching the software displays the main screen, where all scanning actions take place. You must be a member to leave a comment.

Resets all image corrections ,inolta the default settings. An 8 X 10 printout of the scan on my HP was stunning. I’d suggest just leaving this control at af–2840 “Speed” setting. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: Then click on the Recovery option on the left hand side.


This model is easier to get a good deal as some didn’t know there is fix for win7. Big kudos to Minolta for this one.

Konica Minolta USB 1. But Minolta’s software is very capable, it’s just that the pre-scan image is a bit grainy, so I make my adjustments on the final scan. In common with other Minolta scanners I’ve tested, the Dlmage uses a special fluorescent light source, producing strong spectral peaks in the red, green, and blue portions of the spectrum. It’s not minotla like new model but does very decent job. Although this difference isn’t important in the real world, it’s great that a lower cost scanner hasn’t had its speed sacrificed to save money.

Fimage have only one disappointment: Provides the multi-sample scanning option, which reduces image noise by analyzing image information from multiple scan samples. Overall, there’s no question that it sets a high standard for scanners in this market segment.

That is, the noise should drop in half when you average four samples together, or by three quarters when you average 16 samples. I don’t have a quantitative test for maximum “scannable” film density, but the DSD-III did surprisingly well with the ultra-dense “Train” slides.

Minolta Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

Minolta’s film scanner line is overall marked by good user interface design IMHOstrong specs, and excellent optics, at generally competitive prices. The shot above shows an applied histogram correction and a tone curve move.


As it is, minolts of repeated trial and error, there’s no good way to tell the effect of adjustments you’re making on the final picture. Although I did find noticeable differences between the scanning application’s display and how the images ultimately looked in Photoshop. There’s still a few spots left, but the majority have been removed. In some of the timings below, I’ve showed the scanning and processing time separately, so you can get an idea of how much speedup you might dimave with a more capable computer.

Easy Scan Utility Included as a separate, standalone application, the Easy Scan utility runs almost like a typical “Wizard” application on a PC, guiding you step-by-step through the scanning process. The filmstrip holder can accommodate strips of 35mm film up to six frames in length, and the slide holder up to four slides.

Answered on Mar 12, Fujitsu fi Document Scanner Saves the index display as an image file. It will invoke auto-focus at this point if that feature is chosen in the preferences window.

There are three basic steps, starting with an index scan that creates thumbnails of each slide.