Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The file that you need is located in the first post at this link. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. After updating to Lion Luckily it was fairly easy to roll back the drivers and uninstall xinputwrapper. So I eventually found out during the installation of the Apple drivers bluetooth that as soon as the bluetooth drivers were installed, the motionjoy ones overrode them. Not burried in the back of Apple’s forum closet under all the other issues that don’t pertain to me lol Thanks.

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Since I haven’t used motioninjoy in a long time there were no motioninjoy devices in the “devices and printers” menu, therefor there omtioninjoy no box to check to delete the driver software. All replies Drop Down menu.

Start a New Discussion. Sep 9, 10, 1 This model is targeting those users who would like to equip their PC systems with up-dated, reliable and high-yield components. I haven’t been able to even log into my Windows 7 on my IMAC for like a month because I didn’t even own a usb mouse or keyboard! How do I unpair controllers? Thank god I finally found this post.

Uninstalling MotioninJoy Drivers? | NeoGAF

Clock frequencies in OC mode exceed those performed by the reference model and make up MHz in nominal mode, increasing to MHz on dynamic overclocking. I have been trying to figure this out for waaaay too long. Jul 26, 17, 1 0. How virthal I configure the PS3 remote to be a second controller, to enable me to play 2 player games? If you have more than one dongle make sure its a different hardware version or it will overwrite the driver for both devices.


MrCow Member Jul 29, When the updates are completed, restart your computer. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Well after searching for a solution for sometime I have found one that works for me.

For some reason it isn’t working any more. This will make it easier to turn your PC into a dedicated SteamBox so theoretically you never have to see your desktop if you want to boot directly into BPM.

What I had to do is re-install the program, uninstall the drivers from inside there, and then go to Device Manager and under IIRC “Human Interface Devices”, remove the driver from there as well. I had this problem on just a plain Windows 7 machine and your solution fixed it right away.

If you do not want to register, fill this field only and the name will be used as user name for your post. This post needs to somehow be the top hit on google as a solution.

Labrys Member Jul 29, I heard about Better DS3 back in the fall, followed it instructions, which involved temporary relying on MotioninJoy, and had a great time when it worked but eventually even this better program started giving me the Blue Screen of Death and eventually gave up on it.


I created this profile to tell you how much I love you. If you only need bluetooth for the controllers and nothing else eg. Who would have thought Typed “regedit” in the search bar and opened it.

Motioninjoy Virtual Xinput Device For Windows Driver Download

Seriously, nothing I’ve tried is working. I thought I uninstalled twice before it screwed over other stuff months down the line. Not burried in the back of Apple’s forum closet under all the other issues that don’t pertain to me lol Thanks. You should no longer have to load a driver every time you log in in order to get your PS3 controller to work with your games!

I don’t know, but I would expect there to be an entry for the driver in the Programs and Features control panel. I guess in this case just ignore the receiver bit. Originally posted by Rahabib:.

Restart your computer and steam should now detect motoininjoy PS3 controller as an Xinput compatible controller without having to load a driver every time you log in.