Flat on one side with some small predrilled holes. This was repealed in hundreds o f obe dient club newsletters. Englewood CO Call me Ishmael. Photo R is a picture of the L ne twork. Because the dcsoldcring irons have higher wattage heating clements and an instant vacuum they arc ahle to suck the solder out of a hole in a few seconds. De p cn d in g “” upon the size of the enclosure and the room remaining after mounting the meter, the dummy load re- sistors can be bundled together lightly.

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I mention th is bec ause the ti ming is amazing-c. Tune your favorite stations instantly with keypad efllry Of 40 memories. You provide DC, stereo phones or speckers.

Trap dipoles I’ ve built several trap dipole antennas over the years. The frame holds the loop.

Full text of “motorola :: dataBooks :: Motorola Linear Interface ICs Vol 2”

Tunable blgh-passjlow-pass filters T hese filters work for both voice and data, The lower cutoff frequency can he tuned from 2IX lit.

The custom settings alia The minimum eq uipment req uired to usc RS-1 2 is an HF radio capable of operating “split” on 10 and 15 meters. Second cra ss postage is pa id at Peterborough, NH, and at additional mailing emcee Canadian second class mail registration Canadian GS T registrationMicro li lm edition: Can be hooked to transmitter. I’m sure there arc many hams using these things with great success, hut I’ m not o ne of them.


Operation The antenna must be tuned to the frequency to he used, by connecting the antenna to a transceiver set for the desired frequency. I b ought a used holm rig.

Operation Keying is clean and precise. You wani to gel heat to the joint in the sho rtest time possi ble.

Sony AC-VQ50 Oplader

Adjust you r transmi tter for the same power levels listed in the above paragraph, as measured o n the kno wngood wall me ter. Model converts any modem HF rig with 20 meters to 6. The boll; has room for an A A battery ho lde r RS and when fini shed, it’s j ust a little blue box with two tiny jacks and five buttons o n the top.

And pl ease remember that like most of us. Construction Insulated ho use wire 12 st ra nded was used to form the loop. T his opens up the ho le, all owing you to insta ll the re placeme nt part. Sma ll enough for emergency or po rtable use. Th e courts, by the way. Route the free end of the wire connected to the wip er terminal of S 1c and connect it to S2. T he G’e and D ‘s will be continued.


If you have the money. Relative field strength MHz.

Box Denver CO E-ma il: The unit sat arou nd collecting dust for a while. Please stop calling us C Bers.

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T he best way 10 prevent dam age to a PC hoard and 10 find th e screwups is to put the right part in the right loc atio n the fi rs t time. As a resu lt. Th e completed “Ultimate Power. It’s NaT a contest.

Two p oints, Mike ‘, a s I explained ill my editorial.